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Of course, this website will hurt many people because it is going to prove them by A+B that they have been mistaking…
But if they manage to accept they have been manipulated once more, than all Humanity will end up beneficiating from it

Because if the truth hurts, lie kills!
  •  Life is like riding bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving -Albert Einstein- 
  • And keep moving is continually search where you are mistaking…


    Up to when you manage to transcend the matter because…


  •  You are an immortal Divinity ! It is just that you’re on holidays… 


"Man is good by nature but has been corrupted by society and civilisation." 

Jean-Jacques Rousseau.


Mankind must and will mutate or it will self-destruct... This mutation is called Ascension... and it has already started.

In order to know where this Ascension process will lead us, the main key is to know the State of Mind of the Divine, so that when you visit the invisible realms (through ascending,
 dreaming, a shamanic technique, or after “death”), you have the means to know whether you really are in a “Divine” environment and whether you are really connected to a “Divine” being. And this State of Mind is virtually the exact opposite of the patriarchal values… So religions gave us a wonderful gift by showing us the path which is virtually going in the opposite direction of what they teach us… Your spirit is eternal. However, everything in you that resonates with the cultures coming from patriarchal religions will be recycled… Because you really have to be far removed from life to follow a culture stemming from religions that claim that the more you suffer in this life, the more chances you have to go to heaven afterwards… Heaven is not a place but a state of MIND… WHICH IS VIRTUALLY THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT PATRIARCHAL RELIGIONS, TRADITIONS AND CULTURES TEACH US.

Therefore, I claim that 99.9999% of the religious, shamanic, spiritual and New Age teachings are there to keep souls imprisoned and teach beliefs, logics and lifestyles that are virtually the exact opposite of the Divine worlds.

These so-called healing techniques and teachings are meant to prevent people from hearing their soul’s outcry, from feeling the suffering of other inhabitants of this planet, to make their life “viable” in this system where every 3 seconds a child dies of starvation and an adult dies of “suppressed pain” through diseases like the various cancer types… In short, they aim to allow people to adapt to this mortifying unfair system… Yet, requesting our children to adapt to this system is asking them to kill their soul while it could achieve immortality in this very life!

I hope you have no doubts about the value of the culture which we live in! You have to admit that somehow we are less evolved than animals because we collaborate with this system that jeopardises the future of our children. And not a single animal would ask its offspring to sacrifice themselves!

Conclusion: Using techniques such as yoga, reiki, or any other energy technique without questioning your life, without exploring your angers, sadnesses and inner monsters, without transmuting the pillars of the patriarchal culture (beliefs and lifestyles based on possession) within you can make you lose your soul. This isn’t tragic considering the fact that your spirit is immortal! But do you know what the difference is between your soul and your Spirit? For this, please read the History of Earth Gaia and her souls… Because everything is in there… 

The truth is that we live in a sort of interactive video game, some kind of school meant to teach us to develop our sensibility, a school for Gods and Goddesses. One of the many goals of this school is to make us understand why Divine laws cannot be broken in any way. Because if we want to recover our Divine powers some day, then creation must have the guarantee that we know perfectly well to what kind of suffering trespassing these Divine laws leads. Divine Worlds are Divine because nobody there breaks the Divine Laws! This is why you are experiencing a world that is exactly the opposite of the Divine Worlds… In order to clearly point out all the suffering, injustice and destructions it leads to… If you don’t understand why the information on this site is accurate, logical and irrefutable, then live your life to the max now, because soon you will have to leave Earth Gaia, body and soul… On the other hand, if you are stirred and feel this connection getting stronger thanks to this information, if you feel the warrior within you is prepared to fight him/herself, even if it means getting rejected by all those who already gave up, for the children to have a future… Then, be aware that the time has come to bring our home “down here”. Because Ascending is above all letting your Spirit come down into your body… And letting your Spirit come down to Earth through your body … You will find here the heart of the matter in order to find back what matters to your heart… And it’s for Free, just like anything that’s Divine!


Ascension is an opportunity for souls to CONNECT with their Spirit, which is what all souls ultimately aim for. However, not all souls wish to restore that connection now, at this specific moment in their life and they have every right to decide so! They still serve creation some other way! It is therefore perfectly understandable that those who don’t feel ready yet will do everything in their power not to feel their soul’s outcry, not to explore their inner emotional hell and inner monsters and thus boost themselves energetically in an attempt to keep hanging far above their soul’s wounds. That’s what most New Age people do and that’s OK! Each soul chooses its own path.

This site is dedicated to the very few people who want to establish that connection as well as to those who want to understand what’s going on behind the scenes of Humanity!


Here’s the message that Humanity has been waiting for (or at least, part of it)…

Instead of smiling, read the summary of this message as its logic is irrefutable…

I will try to summarise this message the best I can in just a few lines. The best thing would be for you to read my last book and the comic book that goes with it. If you have no or little money, you can offer to give what you want on this site.
Unlike spiritual teachings, Divine teachings are for free!

1/ The goal for all souls is to understand that the lifestyles, beliefs and logics of patriarchal cultures lead to suffering that could very well be avoided. The reason is that the aim of the soul is to return to the Divine Conscience after having explored its opposite… So…

2/ Lifestyles, beliefs and logics of the Divine worlds are virtually the opposite of the ones developed by patriarchal cultures stemming from Judeo-Christian-Muslim-Buddhist religions.

3/ This means that “healing the soul”, i.e. “bringing it back home”, is healing it from the pillars of the so-called patriarchal cultures, “at least theoretically”. “At least theoretically” means understanding “at least on an intellectual level” that the pillars of patriarchal cultures are the opposite of the laws of love. For instance, we can understand how possessiveness and exclusivity in love relationships lead to lots of suffering that could be avoided and at the same time not yet manage to live this kind of freedom in our own love relationship. “Bringing a soul back home” means “bringing it back to its Divine Conscience”. If you properly understand the history of Earth Gaia and her souls, then you know that all souls left the Divine worlds Consciously. And so, if they want to go back there, it has to be a conscious choice again!

4/ The reason is that in order to be healed, our soul first has to give clearance to its family of Light. It therefore has to be at least aware that it still has parts that require to be healed. If the Conscience does not grant permission to heal its soul, its family of Light has no choice left but to replace its soul by its original spirit, i.e. the state in which the soul was before it started its initiatory journey. But do you know the difference between your Conscience and your soul? The Conscience of your spirit is immortal but on the other hand, a soul can die! If you don’t understand this, I present an alternative version of Genesis: History of Earth Gaia and her souls. I’m not saying this is THE truth, but I am convinced it is closer to it than what’s being taught in schools and by religions… Knowing this history is crucial in order to understand why we can lose our soul while the Conscience of our Spirit is immortal!

5/ You can therefore easily understand that any monk, shaman, priest or healer who doesn’t teach that healing is deconditioning yourself from the patriarchal pillars, is simply here to let you see this prison through rose-coloured spectacles and prevent the soul from liberating itself. This is the case for 99.99999% of all the “spiritual” teachers on this planet! For instance, a married being (except if in name only) will never be able to guide a soul through the final stage of liberation. To make it even clearer, if you want to choose a proper guide to explore the invisible realms, it will be necessary to choose one who isn’t married and who isn’t in a relationship based on exclusivity. Also, the main priority of his teachings should be to abnegate the pillars of the patriarchal culture, which is nothing more than a sado-masochistic culture. Following a culture that states that “the more you suffer in this life, the more chances you have to go to heaven afterwards” is a very serious matter. Any soul that cannot understand this - at least intellectually - will not have its place in “heaven” (which is a state of Mind) without being “transmuted”. And “serious matter” means here that it will lead the soul to vibrational levels closer to matter, there where it experiences all this suffering that could actually be avoided!

6/ Do you really believe that Divine worlds set suffering as a priority? So just be a bit consistent and understand that patriarchal cultures are the exact opposite of Divine worlds, since they state “the more you suffer in this life, the more chances you have to go to heaven afterwards”. Any soul that isn’t prepared to understand this point, which is irrefutably logical, is too far removed from itself to be healed. However, there’s nothing tragic in that. The evolution of each Conscience has its own stages. Consciences that choose not to establish a connection between their soul and their Spirit are not less important for all that. They’re just following another path for the time being.

7/ Those who choose to commit themselves to follow the path of liberation must understand that the higher they rise, the lower they may come down some day. This is a crucial point and this principle should be clearly understood. “Understand” that it simply is healthy for our Conscience to travel back and forth on the chakras’ scale with its various levels of Conscience, to go fetch the Spirit in the higher chakras and bring it down to the lower levels of Conscience (i.e. on a lower frequency: chakras 1, 2 & 3). It’s also important to realise that each time you go beyond your limits and reach new peaks of Conscience, you run the risk of going down really low afterwards and thus experience unknown suffering. You must be aware of that in order not to lose heart and understand that you will go up again at a later stage. This is simply the price you have to pay! It’s like a trampoline. The higher you jump, the lower you sink afterwards; but the lower you sink, the stronger you are then catapulted upwards.

8/ The Mission of the Human Being!
Very few people are aware that if Humanity is reduced to all this, it’s because almost all humans are inhabited by entities that push them to suffer as much as possible. Among the very few people who are aware of that, almost none realises that these entities are actually men and women’s best friends as they are here to show them their true nature!
Human bodies are here to serve as a bridge between the Divine worlds and the low frequency realms. It is true that almost all humans are more or less possessed, but the reason entities that possess them cling on to their aura and try to enter their body is that it actually is their way back home! Indeed, our cells are inter-dimensional portals that allow these entities to go “back home”. But as long as WE DON’T DO THIS WORK, AS LONG AS WE DON’T ACT AS THE ARK OF THE COVENANT, THESE ENTITIES WILL MAKE US SUFFER AS MUCH AS THEY CAN IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE THEIR AIM: make us become Arks of the Covenant that are there to fulfil the Divine pact stating that any living being is eternal and will some day “get back home”. And this can be achieved, in particular, through cellular or quantum breathing!